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Nerdbux Review

Nerdbux Review

One-sentence Review

The newest of the highly-successful TimTech portfolio of websites.

The Good

  • Clean, unique script
  • Rent 5 referrals for $1.
  • $2 Cash-out minimum ($4 minimum for free membership)
  • Abundance of $.005 ads to click

The Bad

  • There is no longer an “abundance” of $.005 cent ads to click
  • You now must have an Upgraded membership to click Standard ads. Let’s say that again: you have to have an “Upgraded” membership to click “Standard” ads – Come on Nerdbux – that doesn’t make sense. Of course it’s just semantics (the names could be changed without changing the program at all) but, by definition, you shouldn’t have to Upgrade to “Standard.”

The Rest

Nerdbux is part of the expanding TimTech portfolio of websites.

Update: 7/31/2013
As stated above under the “Bad” heading, Nerdbux has changed its program so that standard (free) members can no longer click on the higher-paying ads – this can be viewed in two ways:

  1. It’s bad. It’s hard to make any money at $.001 per click. It’s even harder to keep referrals interested and active.
  2. It’s OK. Many PTC programs start out paying well but then fail because their program isn’t sustainable. If Nerdbux’s plan is to build a solid financial base and then to start paying better, then this might work.

My opinion at this early stage in the game is that this is another bait-and-switch type strategy that I’ve noticed in TimTech’s programs. They don’t necessarily lie, they just tend to not tell the entire truth to their sign-up prospects. They hype a product that tends to disappoint later. This is just my opinion and your experiences may differ.

  • Pay per Click – between $.001 and $.01
  • Surf ads, Nerdgrids
  • Upgrade Levels – $50 per year
  • Minimum Payout – $4 for the free level
  • Paying since 2013
  • Payment Methods – PayPal
  • Forum – Yes

Nerdbux “Error 522 Connection Timed Out” message

** Update – October 13, 2013 ** If you try to go to today, you’ll see an “Error 522 Connection Timed Out” message. Justin Ledvina, CEO of TimTech LLC, offers a light-hearted explanation that includes the following:

“We are currently under a heavy Denial of Service [sic] attack and this has caused Nerdbux to go offline” and
“I’ll will [sic] extend all ads and rented referrals so no one loses anything. No need to send in a support ticket we’re going to do it for everyone as soon as we can. Beyond that look for some special treats inside the members area so we can get this party rocking again!”

I’m confident that the TimTech team will have the site up and running again but – still – I’m glad that I haven’t invested any money nor much time in this site. It still just doesn’t feel right.

Don’t give up…there are other

Good PTC sites

I suggest that you start with:
Clixsense and/or

Does Nerdbux pay? – Yes
Nerbux scam? – No, but you may be disapointed
Nerdbux India? – Yes


  1. I already earn money


    September 7, 2013

  2. nice explain
    I explain nerdbux in my site and how to make 900 $ in just 3 months


    October 20, 2013

  3. My experience with Nerdbux has been quite pleasant so far. I made $5.00 with 100 referrals today, which was by far my best. I have not yet upgraded my account, but will do so once I have reached $50 as it is good for 1 year and allows for nice benefits at a cheap price comapred to most other PTC sites.

    I would advice signing up and investing nothing, or a small amount you can afford (say $5.00) in rented referrals and take it from there. I have a crazy-good batch of referrals where over 90% are active. As long as you keep your initial investment low, there is very LOW RISK in Nerdbux and potential REWARDS.


    November 19, 2013

  4. nerdbux is scam now..
    they manipulate RR and the earning reduce 80%..
    the reason is because of holiday etc…
    but the true is they use RR robot, because 99% of my RR was clicking but the earning reduced to 20%…
    from my calculation each of my RR only click 1 ads everyday…
    NERDBUX scam…
    to Nerdbux admin, just stop make fool to us with your black friday and christmas holiday theory…shame on you…

    selipar jepon

    January 8, 2014

    • i will try to get back my money through Paypal dispute…

      selipar jepon

      January 9, 2014

      • Good luck – let us know how you make out.


        January 14, 2014

  5. something go very wrong in nerdbux, as someone said above. at least 80% of ALL referrals stopped to click simultaneously at jan-08, renew discounts was ended, days between cashouts was changed from 3 to 5, all mods disappeared, owners do not explain what happened, quite contrary they say nothing happened, complainers were banned, posts were deleted, and the “scenario” will go be cleaned up to everything seems all right, but all member are in loss.

    Mildred Fonseca

    January 15, 2014

  6. NerdBux is a scam. It was like somebody flipped a switch in December and 90% of the rented referrals stopped clicking. The admin did not respond to questions and was non-existent for weeks. Then Jon Olson (admin)made stupid excuses for the problems and began blaming members. When I and others began to question what was going on our accounts were deleted leaving us no way to recoup our money. The nerds at TimTech, the parent company, stole our money. There’s no other way to describe it.


    January 17, 2014

  7. The above mentioned date that is exactly what happened.I had many posts concerning it each were turning up very very negative on NerdBux part.I had over 1400 RR and they were switched off without a notification what is going wrong.This is still the issue to this date.One person in general momof2boys77 keeps defending them like she is expecting a job from them.Keep dreaming an see about those 2 boys plz.The admin came in and said nothing is wrong and everyone confronted him where he stood silent for days.They delete posts that reflect badly on them to keep ppl coming to Nerdbux to scam them eventually.I tried sending numerous support tickets and still to this day no reply.My advice get out as soon as you can.Don’t let them fool you be warned.

    NerdBux sux

    January 23, 2014

  8. NERDBUX – I wanted to cash out my money but it was: We’ve reached the daily payout limit, please try again tomorrow… So I asked a question on their forum is their website a scam, because I can`t cash out my money and they just erased my post and suspend my account! I wasted a lot of hours cliking their ads! Moreover I can`t contact them now, because there`s no CONTACT to them on their website! I lost my money…
    In my opinion it`s a BIG SCAM


    January 25, 2014

  9. nerd is a big scum.because when i tried to cashout it says error-we have reached our daily payment.i tried of times like 1 months but i didnt got my money.


    February 14, 2014

  10. Nerdbux is going to be SCAM


    February 28, 2014

    • nerdbux is a one of the most fraud company starting they will assure that they will pay $15 but they wont pay they will block the id dont trust this company


      April 13, 2014

  11. April 11, 2014
    NERDBUX IS A BIG SCAM. I am a Standard Member (Free Member) with them and I have reached the minimum Cashout amount of $4.00 for Standard (Free) Members.
    When ever I clicked the Cashout Tab I was receiving a message that they have already reached the Cashout Limit and I should try later.
    After some days they started telling me that the Minimum Cashout is $50. Then they reduced it to $25 and later further reduced to $15. The Cashout amount as per their own rules is $4 only for Standard Members even now.
    Nerdbux started playing Pranks with me. THEY NEVER REPLIED TO MY SUPPORT TICKETS.
    I feel Nerdbux consists of a set of Scoundrels. I am a Senior Citizen and earned a paltry amount of $4.00 with them and the Scoundrels have simply eaten away my hard earned money AND CHEATED ME. This I am writing for the benefit of all

    Comments in ‘the’


    April 11, 2014

  12. The One Who runs Nerd Bux is a Big liar, Big cheater, Big Scammer….Don’t Believe every word he says, He is a Con-Artist and just looking at his face he is a Bad MF Dude…. I hope Bad Karma visit him soon for what he did deleting and suspending accounts and stealing their money and he so proud doing it and having fun without pity. I noticed that he is very arrogant too.. He is evil…doer…

    Nelson The Protector

    April 15, 2014

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